Reclaim is an app which watermarks your photo’s. The watermark allows anyone to see that the photos are your property.
Facebook’s Term and Conditions will be updated from January 1st, 2015. This allows Facebook to use the content of every user for commercial purposes, for example in advertising. To make sure that your photo can’t be used for advertising, you can watermark your photos. Reclaim places your name ever so slightly on top of the photo which makes it clear for everyone that you are the owner of the photo and that you would not like your photo to be used for commercial ends..
Yes, your photos and data are safe with Reclaim. The photos are downloaded to your own computer and your login credentials are only stored on your own device. You are logged in to Facebook only as long as needed to make use of Reclaim. As soon as you refresh your session, you and your data will be forgotten and you will be required to sign in again.
Unfortunately, yes. When the watermarked photos are uploaded, likes and comments will no longer be available. Facebook sees the watermarked photo as a new photo. Therefore, it is technically not possible to retain likes and comments. We aim to enter into discussions with Facebook in order to make it possible to retain likes and comments in the future.
We try to prevent that a photo is reclaimed multiple times. Several watermarks on top of each other will ruin your photo and that is not our intention.
No, Reclaim does not offer legal protection. Your photos are still subject to Facebook’s (updated) terms and conditions . However, by using Reclaim your photos are significantly less interesting for commercial parties.
Reclaim is an initiative by Willem van Leunen and Sipke-Jan Bousema and Marieke Slinkert.
We decided to keep Reclaim FREE for everybody for as long as possible. It will stay FREE FOREVER for everybody who has already used or registered in this FREE period. So start using, or liking Reclaim NOW and it will stay FREE for YOU forever!